Baseball’s 6th Tool: The Inner Game

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Baseball’s 6th Tool: The Inner Game

Baseball’s 6th Tool: The Inner Game takes a revolutionary approach to the mental game. It goes deeper than the typical skills and techniques found in most books on this topic. Baseball’s 6th Tool helps you examine your “inner self” to identify habits, attitudes, and behaviors that limit your performance on the field. It then helps you apply what you’ve learned through a solid program that enables you to change these limiting behaviors. Since you can’t outperform your self-image, you need to reshape that image and raise it if you want to break out of your comfort zone, increase your confidence, and perform more consistently on the field.

Baseball’s 6th Tool is endorsed by Hall of Famers, front office personal, professional coaches and players and coaches at the collegiate and high school levels. Check out the testimonial section of this site to see what they’re saying.

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